“Delusions” jedwabna, wykonana ręcznie apaszka Jakub Gliński x AK

The Delusions project is a painterly attempt to recreate the fleeting thoughts, delusions, personal fatamorgana, shapes and multiplicity of Gliński’s emotional states.

The silk accessory is the starting point for a dialogue between the artist and the designer, using tools characteristic of their work.

Inscribed in the fabric, the image comes to life, becomes an object of everyday use, and remains a work of art. The space of the scarf is filled with airbrush outlined fantastic creatures, satellite-like structures, multiplied eyes and hearts. The work depicts the multi-layered experience of the artist, using the “Trash & Error” aesthetic.

“The scarf as a medium is not accidental, it refers to the DNA of my brand, the highest quality, natural fabrics used for more than 20 years, and manual finishing techniques.

One scarf is stitched by hand for about 2 hours. All these efforts reflect my approach to sustainable production and responsibility for our Planet.”

Delusions Jakub Gliński x Ania Kuczynska

100% silk

Made by hand

Made in Como, Italy


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