Igła krawiecka

Igła krawiecka, to podłużny, smukły obiekt, zakończony z jednej strony ostrą końcówką z drugiej tzw. oczkiem / uchem do przewlekania nitki. Pierwsze igły krawieckie wykonywane były z kości lub drewna. Datę ich powstania szacuje się na około 16 tysięcy lat temu. [read more]

Czym jest garbowanie roślinne? // What is vegetable tanning?

Vegetable tanning is a chemical-free mechanical process. The skins are soaked in plant extracts, without the use of harmful chemicals, mineral or synthetic agents. This method uses all natural ingredients. [read more]

Akcesoria mają moc // The power of accessories

The fact that the same set of clothes in consequence to a properly selected purse can gain visually (or lose if we choose a mediocre item) is as clear as day. The same thing happens when we choose certain shoes or piece of jewelry to enrich our styling. Those little things which we use to crown our stylistic work are of great importance. Unfortunately, a lot of us forget about it too often. That’s why the quality and appearance of the accessories is fundamental when it comes to planning outfit. [read more]

Poza głównym nurtem // Outside the mainstream

Jedwabna koszula tylko od święta? A mała czarna tylko na wieczór? U Ani Kuczyńskiej te reguły nigdy nie obowiązywały. Bo ani elegancja, ani dobry gatunek nie powinny być zarezerwowane na specjalne okazje. [read more]

Wszystko, co chcielibyście wiedzieć o logo Ani Kuczyńskiej, ale baliście się zapytać. // Everything you wanted to know about Ania Kuczynska’s logo but were afraid to ask.

Silver ring – Ania’s signature – it was supposed to function as a characteristic piece of subtle embellishment, a mark of completion to her work, a layer of meaning resembling a label but no longer hidden inside of the garment. [read more]

Czerń nie kłamie // Black never lies

How many shades of black are out there? Although Ania’s collections are ruled by “Night,” transformed into the title “Notte,” we know it perfectly well that the variety of shades of black can surprise us all. According to the theory of color the tone we arrive at depends on the particularity of the color we infuse it with. Hence the black settling into grays, greens or many shades of blue. In fashion, the shade of black depends also on the type of fiber used to create the fabric. This is where we begin our story. [read more]


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