Wszystko, co chcielibyście wiedzieć o logo Ani Kuczyńskiej, ale baliście się zapytać. // Everything you wanted to know about Ania Kuczynska’s logo but were afraid to ask.

Silver ring – Ania’s signature – it was supposed to function as a characteristic piece of subtle embellishment, a mark of completion to her work, a layer of meaning resembling a label but no longer hidden inside of the garment. [read more]

Czerń nie kłamie // Black never lies

How many shades of black are out there? Although Ania’s collections are ruled by “Night,” transformed into the title “Notte,” we know it perfectly well that the variety of shades of black can surprise us all. According to the theory of color the tone we arrive at depends on the particularity of the color we infuse it with. Hence the black settling into grays, greens or many shades of blue. In fashion, the shade of black depends also on the type of fiber used to create the fabric. This is where we begin our story. [read more]


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