Terra botanical perfumes

The smoky, musky scent is sensual – grounding and balancing.

Terra is of the feminine gender, associated with the Earth element, the planet Saturn. It is inspired by Sicily and the symbolism of the island as a spiritual refuge, cosmos, happiness, beauty, order, perfection, and femininity.

Botanical perfumes are exclusively crafted using plant-derived ingredients; no synthetics or preservatives are used in their production.

They naturally harmonize with our skin and its temperature, giving the fragrance a personal touch.

Made in Poland.

Volume: 10 ml.

Valid for 12 months after opening.

Ingredients: simmondsia chinensis seed oil, parfum, coumarin, eugenol, cinnamal, limonene, linalool, citral

Batch number: AKT/9/23

Ref. No. CPNP 4365117


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