Tribute to Kazimierz Malewicz When personal becomes functional silk scarf

Tribute to Kazimierz Malewicz

When personal becomes functional

The first black square on a white background was painted by Kazimierz Malewicz in 1915, marking the beginning of Suprematism. The Black Square became a symbol of 20th-century avant-garde art.

The movement aimed for the maximum simplification of forms and the supremacy of basic shapes and colors. It broke away from all figurativeness in art and declared the end of narrative, releasing itself from the obligation to depict the world and its people. It rejected creativity in service of religion, state, or society in favor of art that was meant to evoke spiritual experiences in humans rather than rational interpretations. 

Malewicz stated that the Black Square is a naked icon, devoid of frames and context, affecting the viewer through emotional impressions rather than aesthetics. It power lies in the silence it emanates. 

„The Black Square is one of my most personal and powerful confrontations with contemporary art. The scarf project is a tribute to the artist and my interpretation of this work.” 

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Terra, a feminine entity, finds her essence in Earth, the Saturnian planet.

Earth embodies prosperity, abundance, and wisdom. Grounding, the cyclical nature of existence, and rebirth.

The capsule collection, profoundly black, echoes and revisits the brand’s DNA color.

Elegant and sporty garments are crafted from elastic, three-layered, waterproof, breathable, and windproof technical fabric. Suitable for autumn and winter chill, they seamlessly transition between urban and outdoor settings.

For the first time, the brand unveils a jacket produced in collaboration with Pajak, filled with certified down.

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