Palermo Replica coat made of Windshell fabric

The Palermo Replica coat is soft, lightweight, and comfortable, crafted from elastic, three-layered, waterproof, breathable, and windproof modern fabric.

A decorative stand-up collar and pleats add an elegant touch to the sporty design, made from a specialized, warm fabric ideal for autumn and winter. Ornamental buttons and convenient pockets enhance usability.

The design is part of the TERRA 23 capsule collection.

The brand logo is hand-stitched.

Shop consciously and LOVE our Planet.

The brand has decided to allocate a portion of proceeds from each sale, both in-store and online, towards purchasing and planting vegetation in Warsaw areas.


Size guide

Rozmiar U
Bust 100 cm
Waist 100 cm
Hips 100 cm
Total lenght 114 cm
Sleeve lenght 60 cm
Neckline 41 cm

About the collection

Terra 23

Terra, a feminine entity, finds her essence in Earth, the Saturnian planet.

Earth embodies prosperity, abundance, and wisdom. Grounding, the cyclical nature of existence, and rebirth.

The capsule collection, profoundly black, echoes and revisits the brand’s DNA color.

Elegant and sporty garments are crafted from elastic, three-layered, waterproof, breathable, and windproof technical fabric. Suitable for autumn and winter chill, they seamlessly transition between urban and outdoor settings.

For the first time, the brand unveils a jacket produced in collaboration with Pajak, filled with certified down.

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