Diamante cotton quilted pinstripe coat

The 100% cotton quilted pinstripe coat is distinguished by an extremely interesting and ornate cut, referring in character to traditional Japanese outfits. Front and side pockets, as well as a sporty and tied belt add a sporty touch.

The bottom of the ruffled sleeve is finished with decorative cuffs.

Glossy satin lining.

Proposed with shirts, t – shirts, trouser skirts and dresses from the collection, match with Denim.

The Sole collection is distinguished by gold jacquard Ania Kuczynska labels.

The brand’s logo and the snaps and bolts at the fasteners are handmade.

Buy consciously and LOVE our Planet.

The brand has decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale in the stationary store and online to buy and plant plants in the Warsaw area.



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Size guide

Size 36
Waist 92 cm
Bust 104 cm
Hips 124 cm
Total length 120 cm
Sleeve length 72 cm
Neckline 40 cm

About the collection

Ania Kuczynska Sole 23

The Sun illuminates the darkness of the Night. It heralds new beginnings, determines the time of the day, marks the seasons and influences the harvest. It is a symbol of enlightenment, truth, knowledge, eternally reborn life, light and fire. Solar energy endows us with life and strength.

The sensual and feminine Sole collection alludes to the power of the Sun. Intricate creases, pleats, decorative yokes and cuffs are inspired by the shape of the Sun and its rays. Delicate fabrics emphasize the casual and natural character of the clothes.

The collection is sewn from quilted cotton, transparent batiste, light viscose, wool and eco leather. The color palette is inspired by the colors found in nature. Accessories are sewn from natural Italian leathers, tanned without chemicals.

The muses of the collection are Monica Vitti and Nina Simone.

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