Outside the mainstream

A silk shirt just on special occasions? And the little black dress only for the evening? With Ania Kuczyńska these rules have never enforced. Because neither elegance nor high quality should be reserved only for special occasions.

Each collection or capsule of the designer has elements ready to be combined by means of contrast. Navy blue jeans or a black t-shirt are classics that can’t go wrong. Pairing the same jeans and a satin blouse with puffs or the aforementioned t-shirt with a ruffled skirt in the 1980s style brings a new quality, allowing you to have fun with fashion, proportions and style. Today, paradoxically, taking care of your style is especially important. Closed in our homes, we are looking for a respite, we begin to see the need for silence, order. Order, sooner or later, will also apply to our wardrobes. And what we “go” to work in. When sitting in front of a computer in a temporary home office, we may be tempted by the vision of pyjama comfort, and therefore even pretending that the computer webcam has stopped working (Caroline de Maigret has recently made a phenomenal joke on that in the video about her quarantine in the Paris Vogue). However, let’s not be fooled, the right outfit can work wonders and inspire motivation far better than the watchful eye of our boss.

Even though paying much attention to ab outfit can seem unnecessary today, it does allow you to take your mind off the stressful situation for a moment. There is talk of a “new normality”. Make your choice of clothes for the next day a new gesture, more conscious than before. Just as we are now taking care of the body and mind, let us take care of the outermost layer. These days, we discover who we really dress for. Many women are surprised to find that they are doing it for themselves. That the specific ritual of “going to work” or even proper preparation for weekend laziness improves the mood. It really does.

It’s hard to find positives in these surprising times. Perhaps, however, thanks to them we learn more about ourselves than before, when we used to run, distracted by a thousand stimuli. We are all waiting for them to end. We will definitely not be returning to the same. Perhaps, thanks to the awareness gained, we will start to make better choices when it comes to our own wardrobe.


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