Hand sewing

A tailor’s needle is an elongated, slender object ending on one side with a sharp tip and with an eyelet for threading the thread on the other. The first sewing needles were made of bone or wood. The date of their creation is estimated at around 16,000 years ago.

Thanks to the needle, primitive humans learned to sew leather bags so precisely that they could be impermeable to the water stored in them. This invention enabled distant travels and changed the quality of life forever. With the help of a needle, people learned how to sew clothes.

The sewing technique – a method of joining soft materials with a needle and thread has been known to man since the Palaeolithic era [30,000 years BC. ] and it predated weaving.

Nowadays, machine sewing has replaced hand sewing and it is almost exclusively used in the clothing industry as well as in the production of sails, bedding, curtains, etc. Hand sewing is rare today.

Buttons, snaps, hook-and-eyes, metal AK logo, fasteners, bolts, and loops in Ania Kuczyńska clothes and accessories are all sewn by hand.

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