Everything you wanted to know about Ania Kuczynska’s logo but were afraid to ask

Silver ring – Ania’s signature – it was supposed to function as a characteristic piece of subtle embellishment, a mark of completion to her work, a layer of meaning resembling a label but no longer hidden inside of the garment. Over the years the little ringlet has come to represent even more than that. It began its independent evolution and became a part of the code through which admirers of the brand communicate with one another, you can spot them on the streets sharing a smile, knowing exactly what it means. The meaning evolved on its own, entering the scene as a part of the language of Polish fashion itself. You can find it on the left side of every garment designed by Ania. Discreet but at the same time visible to the eye through its silver polish and intriguing imperfection of its shape. It decorates Ania’s bags, cosmetic pouches, scarfs and most of other accessories, not dominating with its presence but adding a subtle final touch to the designs. Hand-pressed on leather or silver. The ring says: Ania Kuczynska – we all know that immediately, but what do we know about the ring itself?

  1. The logo was created in 2007. It was designed by Karol Śliwka, renowned Polish graphic designer. We may not be aware how many logotypes surrounding us are of his authorship (see, for example, PKO piggy bank, eagle-sealed book for WSiP, Mother and Child Institute’s logo and a lot more).
  2. Contrary to the first appearance, the ring isn’t a letter Q. Nevertheless, it is easy to make this association. Substituting “Q,” a letter alien to the Polish alphabet, for the usual “Ku” was in fashion at the turn of the century, seeming a little bit more global. The ringlet with a crescent-shaped hollow has its inspiration in the mandala. Perfect and transient at the same time, formed only so it can be blurred into nothing, with the absolute respect for the passing of time and the world of material goods.
  3. Each ringlet is sewn by hand to the fabric. Ania places great value on technique and precision, something that in the age of mass production is usually put aside and forgotten. This is why hand-crafted finishing is so important for her. Hand-sewn is also every button, clasp, silver logo and all of the ornamental elements. Combined with quality fabrics and refined designs they form unique pieces, different from what you can find in chain stores.
  4. Originally, this logo was made from 925 sterling silver. Today, it is produced in Italy, exclusively for Ania’s brand, and is made from metal.
  5. If something unusual happens to your ringlet and you somehow loose it you can always count on us. We will happily replace it for you free of charge.
  6. Several years ago the logo was used as a pattern on the shawls from the 2008 spring/summer “Mon Amour” collection. 11 years later it returns in a new, different form.
  7. This tiny element shows how important the role of symbols is for the designer. Even though they are never the highlight of Ania’s collections, they are always present. Whether a heart, moon, cross, star, pigeon, bear or a deer, these symbols are supposed to speak about the reality around us, the most immediate reality as well as the extraterrestrial one.


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