What is vegetable tanning?

Vegetable tanning is a chemical-free mechanical process. The skins are soaked in plant extracts, without the use of harmful chemicals, mineral or synthetic agents. This method uses all natural ingredients.

The vegetable tanning process takes around 30 days – 15 times longer than the chrome process. Vegetable tannins are used in the process – wort from oak, willow or birch bark. This method does not differ from what was used centuries ago. Vegetable tanned leathers are well lubricated, waterproof and smell beautiful.

85% of the world’s production of leather used in the fashion industry is chrome-tanned. In most cases, leather subjected to this process is no longer a natural product. Such skins can sensitize and be carcinogenic. They are harmful to both our health and the environment.

Ania Kuczyńska’s shoes and accessories are made of vegetable tanned leather. To care for your products, we recommend using natural agents made from beeswax. The accessories were made in Poland and Italy.


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