Black never lies

Black never lies. While every other color can camouflage imperfections or poor quality of the material, black exposes even the most elaborate of deceptions. Black will reveal it all, the impurity of elastane, the faults of polyester. It will let you know that what you are touching isn’t silk but rayon. Immediately upon seeng it the black will tell you it’s an acrylic fiber you’re looking at, not wool. All of it due to the work of light — even the minimal reflection of light emphasizes every little nuance.

From the very beginning of its creation, Ania Kuczynska exhibited in its collections several dozen versions of black. Every single fabric and knitwear represents its own unique character. In the newest collection titled “Mia” we notice elegant pants crafted in the matte Brazilian denim. Their color gives off such delicate and soft feeling you could easily confuse it with velvet. Speaking of which, hair accessories like fine ribbons or scrunchies are all made with silk velour. This is why, reflected light leaves no doubt as to the quality of this refined fabric. A special place in the collection is reserved for a plain weaved wool. Its austerity is contrasted with the feminine softness of skirts and dresses, it also wonderfully accentuates individual elements of their cut.

Although the already mentioned polyester rarely goes hand in hand with the color black (exception to this rule can be made in case of waterproof capes and bags), rayon and cupro, both skilfully imitating silk, remain high-quality fabrics and even in the shades of black present themselves as very refined. What’s more, they are much easier to care for, however never as comfortable to wear. Here, almost with no exceptions, gray and charcoal come to the fore giving room for spectacular pleats and frills that layer themselves sculpture-like on the body.

Another of the fascinating heralds of black is leather. Its texture, inconspicuous glimmer of its surface or matte quality of suede, tapestry of tint, oxidation of the color over time, vulnerability to scratches – all of it makes for the creation of a deeply personal history – with good quality product – passed down from one generation to another. Leather bags are back for good and currently we can find them in the store’s rich offer. Inspired by the Spanish grocery baskets SIMPATICA PICCOLA and SIMPATICA GRANDE, or soft suede bags AMICA / PRZYJACIÓLKA sitting on the contrasting geometrical bottom and tied around with a strap embossed with Ania Kuczynska logo. It is also worth reaching for some of the accessories from the collection: leather belts GIO with metallic claps, business card holders and wallets LAPO and ANNICA.

Charcoal, coffee, olives, licorice, onyx, or maybe outer space? What is going to take dark night’s place in the upcoming Ania Kuczynska collections? The answer is simple: exactly what we are going to want to see.


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