1. The Item is being shipped to the address provided by The Client when filling in The Form, provided the sides do not agree differently on the subject.

2. The Item is delivered via courier company or through the agency of postal operator chosen by the Client. The package should be delivered within 4 working days from the date the shipping of the Commodity is being made.

3. The Client can collect the Commodity in person in the Ania Kuczyńska Studio at Słoneczna 36, 00-789 Warszawa.

4. The Commodity comes completed with all the elements of its equipment, as well as, the instruction manual, service handbook and other documents required by the generally applicable law. The Service Provider indicates that:

  1. with the moment of delivery of the Commodity to the Client or the Carrier, the Client earns all the benefits and burdens connected to the Commodity and the possible dangers of accidental loss or damage of the Item. With the Sale, on behalf of the Consumer, the danger of accidental loss or damage of the Item moves onto the responsibility of the Consumer with the moment when the Item is handed over to the Consumer, this, delivery of the Item to the Consumer, is being understood as entrusting the Carrier with the package by the Seller, if the Seller had no control over the choice of the Carrier by the Consumer.

To receive the package with the Item by the Client with no objections or reservations means that the right of action, on the score of loss or damage, is no longer extant, unless:

  1. damage was attested by a protocol prior to the acceptance of the package 2. such declaration was waived on the part of the Carrier
  2. loss or damage was a result of wilful misconduct or an act of gross negligence on the part of the Carrier
  3. the damage was impossible to assess by the outward appearance but confirmed by the authorized entity after the package was received and the requirement to evaluate the state of the package was made within 7 days of receiving the package and he/she proved that the damage was created between the time that the package was obtained for carriage and its dispatch.

5. Additional information for the Consumer

  1. The Contract is not binding indefinitely and is not going to be automatically extended.
  2. The minimum duration of the liabilities involving the Consumer that correspond to the Contract is equivalent to the execution time of the Contract, i.e. making the payment and accepting delivered package.
  3. To use the Store by the Consumer the Store does not impose on the Consumer the responsibility to provide a deposit or any other financial guarantees.
  4. The Seller does not have the liability and therefore does not implement the Code of Good Practice referred to in Article 2, point 5 of the statute of August 23rd 2007 on counteracting unfair trade practices (Dz.U.2016.3 with amendments).


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