Pekin Couture Black Limited Bag


Pekin Bag is inspired by Ania’s trip to China. Made of soft cotton canvas, is light, convenient and capacious. Two pairs of different length handles make it possible to play with the look. Bag’s shape alludes to the Gym Bag popular in the ‘80s.


More details

Handles: 40 and 68 cm

Measurements hight 37 cm, width 66 cm

Two big inside pockets.

Content: 100% cotton

Color: Couture Black 

Hand sewn circle – designer’s logo

Hand pressed logo on a leather tag.

Leather / Russian leather / tag requires careful care. Leather accessories, in its natural color, are susceptible to change the tone to darker, after application of leather care solutions and naturally over time. Natural leather, properly worn and conserved remains beautiful for a very long time.

Dry clean


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