The power of accessories

The fact that the same set of clothes in consequence to a properly selected purse can gain visually (or lose if we choose a mediocre item) is as clear as day. The same thing happens when we choose certain shoes or piece of jewelry to enrich our styling. Those little things which we use to crown our stylistic work are of great importance. Unfortunately, a lot of us forget about it too often. That’s why the quality and appearance of the accessories is fundamental when it comes to planning outfit.

A purchase of a leather bag is a great investment for years to come and we will surely be satisfied with every single minute that it will accompany us through our daily struggles. At first stiffer and shinier, it acquires patina of time which no artificial material will accept with equal grace. The black one slightly tarnishes with time when the naturally beige darkens even to shades of golden caramel. With every year of usage, each bag is exposed to gain delicate scratches here and there, light abrasions or even wine stains. Even though for some people all of these small aforementioned things become the reason to get rid of the bag, they also happen to be a sentimental reminder of beautiful and careless memories for many of us. Properly cared for, it will last even longer becoming a beautiful diary of our everyday life.

Basically, that’s why Ania Kuczyńska pays such great attention to the form of her projects. In the process of making of a new collection she always aims to design products that will not end up being a trend only for one season. Since we invest in high-quality accessories, they can’t easily go out of fashion with the end of the certain season. Always having that in mind, the designer offered her clients Simpatica bag coming in two sizes – Piccola and Grande. What distinguishes these two models is that they resemble shopping baskets so popular in the southern countries. Due to their simple and universal form, they practically fit every single style. Both size versions can be bought with longer or shorter handles. Each one of them combines practical features, such as capacity or comfort of using, with aesthetic features – high quality, raw material, perfect proportions, craftsmanship or embossed silver designer’s logo. When it comes to shoes, Toscano boots were made in the tribute to Salvatore Ferragamo. The story behind the project goes back to Ania’s visit to the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Florence and coming across his collection of retro shoes. Rounded but slightly cut at toe, with trapezoidal heel and zipper allowing to fit the boots to the ankle, their modern form visibly draws on a long Italian tradition of shoe making. The choose of the name was not accidental, they are made in Tuscany – a region famous for its high-quality shoemaker’s products and haberdashery. Each pair is made manually.

Knowing the expectations of her clients, Ania decided to introduce several models of belts to the offer of her brand. Giovanna, Luca, Alessandra and Francesca are made in Poland, however nickel-free metal alloys, buckles and end tips are imported from Italy. Drawing on the style of the seventies, all four belts are examples of timeless classics owing to their universal proportions and subdued colors.

nia Kuczyńska was one of the first designers not only in Poland but also in the world to once more pay attention to hair accessories so unfortunately forgotten some time ago. In collaboration with the Polish brand Turtle Stories in 2019, she created a mini collection of hair clips made of cellulose acetate, material used by Haute Couture accessories manufactures. The little stones decorating the pieces are glued by hand. Accessories are polished, cleaned and bent manually. The fastening mechanism is made in France and guarantees lasting quality. Before the cooperation with Turtle Stories, the brand has introduced leather clips, velvet hair ribbons and scrunchie bands in the previous collections. The last two permanently appeared in the offer of the brand and are gradually supplemented with new shades based on the color palette of the given collection. For the summer 2020, the designer also presented silk versions of the two products among others in shade of fuchsia, mature red wine and lime green. What is most worth mentioning is the fact that both accessories do not crush or damage hair. All the accessories are decorated with hand sewn logo of the brand, apart from the clips.


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