Tramontana Bianca cotton lace shirt

New arrival

The Tramontana shirt is made of a Greek cotton lace with a geometric, characteristic pattern. The minimalistic style, smooth sleeves, and front Brest pockets give the silhouette a retro chic, referring to the 60’s. Less is more. Some elements are hand-sewn [ read more ].

“The timeless and year-round character of the designs, their high quality and careful execution are an expression of my respect and care for the environment” Ania Kuczyńska



  • Made in Poland.
  • Size: 36.
  • Composition: 100% cotton.
  • Color: White/Bianca.
  • Hand-sewn designer’s logo.
  • Dry clean.

Size guide

Size 36
Bust circ. 104 cm
Waist circ. 104 cm
Hips circ. 104 cm
Total length 70 cm
Sleeve length 49 cm
Neckline 46 cm

About the collection

Ania Kuczyńska Luna 21

In many myths the Moon appears as a sister, wife or beloved of the Sun and is the protector of dreams, longings, feelings and thoughts. She is regarded as the mediator between the unchanging Cosmos and the changing earthly life. She symbolizes love, intuition, nobility, the soul and rebellion.

Feminine and esoteric, the restrictively black Luna collection refers to the world of magic and symbolism of the Moon. The sparing form, refined cut of the clothes and details create a story on the borderline of java and fantasy, a contemporary romantic story about the search for identity.

The clothes are sewn from Portuguese pure wool and cotton lace produced in Greece.

The muse of the collection is Isabella Rossellini.

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