The Moon glycerine soap with activated carbon

Carbon is one of the most active substances on Earth, its properties were known about as early as the time of Hippocrates. It is the strongest absorbent found in a natural state, completely safe for the skin. The black that washes, thanks to the unique properties of activated carbon and glycerin, has an antibacterial effect, brightens and moisturizes, soothes, does not stain the body.

Ingredients: glycerin, aqua, sorbitol, sodiumpalmkernelate, sodiumstearate, sodiumoleate, sodiumchloride, citric acid, sodiumcitrate, pentasodium, pentetate, tetrasodiumetidronate, activated charcoal.

Manufactured in Silesia.


About the collection

Ania Kuczynska Sole 23 The Sun illuminates the darkness of the Night. It heralds new beginnings, determines the time of the day, marks the seasons and influences the harvest. It is a symbol of enlightenment, truth, knowledge, eternally reborn life, light and fire. Solar energy endows us with life and strength. The sensual and feminine Sole collection alludes to the power of the Sun. Intricate creases, pleats, decorative yokes and cuffs are inspired by the shape of the Sun and its rays. Delicate fabrics emphasize the casual and natural character of the clothes. The collection is sewn from quilted cotton, transparent batiste, light viscose, wool and eco leather. The color palette is inspired by the colors found in nature. Accessories are sewn from natural Italian leathers, tanned without chemicals. The muses of the collection are Monica Vitti and Nina Simone.

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