Importante Nude Clutch / Briefcase


Briefcase Importante / Important /  is characterized by dexterous finishing and the zipper. Hand pressed logo Ania Kuczyńska is placed on both sides of this elegant and minimalistic clutch. Perfect for documents and as a laptop cas

Ania Kuczyńska parts from typical seasonal schedule and distances itself from mass production of fashion in favor of timeless and high-grade classics.

Shop responsibly & LOVE our Planet.

Mia / Mine is inspired by the mood of Italian and French movies from the 80s. Designed in the Retro Wave spirit it is a story about freedom and about manifesting your identity through the clothing. Its muse is the French actress Isabelle Adjani.

Collection is dominated by one of the label’s most beloved colors: elegant and expressive black, and by an intensive patriarch purple.



More details

Content: 100% yuft leather

Color: Nude / Natural beige

Hand pressed – designer’s logo

Dry clean  

Products were made with carefully picked yuft leather in the natural color and its black version. Dye used in tainting process is natural. Leather accessories require careful care, they are delicate and are susceptible to wear. Contact with water, excessive exposure to sun and cosmetics can damage them. It is not advisable to try to clean the leather by excessive rubbing and use of water. We recommend application of care solutions intended for leather. Leather accessories in their natural color can darken naturally over time and after the application of leather care solutions. Natural leather properly worn and conserved remains beautiful for a very long time.

It is not possible to return products that were used improperly.

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