Talita cashmere sweater

Talita cashmere sweater is made of the highest quality goat’s wool imported from Mongolia. It warms up perfectly in winter, while the breathable fabric insulates against heat in summer. Soft to the touch, it does not irritate your skin and is suitable for those with allergies. Made in Italy.

The brand has decided to allocate a portion of funds from each sale in the stationary store and online to purchase and plant bulbous plants in the Warsaw area.




  • Made in Italy.
  • Size: XS/S/M/L.
  • Composition: 100% cashmere.
  • Color: Black/Notte.
  • Hand-sewn designer’s logo.
  • The model on the photo is 1.78 m and she’s wearing size S.
  • Handwash at 20°. No wringing.
  • To dry put it in a clean towel and pat delicately. Dry flat, avoid heaters.

Size guide

Size XS S M L
Bust 86 90 94 98
Waist 82 82 90 92
Hips 64 66 74 76
Neck 38 40 42 44
Total length 60 61 63 66
Sleeve length 60 63 63 63

About the collection

The Stella – Star collection is inspired by black-and-white movies of the Italian neorealism. It is a manifestation of hope, dreams, love and positive energy.

Designed in the spirit of Modern Romantic, it combines and emphasizes the elegant and casual character of the clothes.

The fabrics used in the making of the collection are natural, light and of high quality. Casual darts, crinkled and draped sleeves contrast with the brand’s characteristic stand-up collars as well as with innovative cuts of the clothes. The thoughtful decisions of the designer helped achieve the effect of universal elegance combined with everyday looseness.

Ania Kuczyńska grafted a female element in her new collection by creating some of the pieces of white Spanish lace or designing chic coats with collars inspired by the cut of a double-breasted jacket, which can be worn in many ways. Everything is complemented by Denim line and vegetable tanned leather bags, belts and wallets, all made in an environmentally friendly way. Made of leather and cotton plain weave, Mini Shanghai and Varsavia bags appear in the accessories collection for the first time having a chance to become the highlights of the collection.

The timelessness of the projects is underlined by the consistent use of white and black.

The muse of the collection is the Italian actress Ingrid Bergman.

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