Backpack VOLCANO notte


Libera 18 collection is inspired by beautiful, charismatic, and liberated women, who manifest their views and believes in the way they dress and look. The red of a strong wine, mellow black and dark blue of the nightly landscape as well as the emerald and amethyst shades of Venetian Laguna are the colors of the collection. The cut gives the silhouette a sporty and elegant lightness. Simone de Beauvoir, Peggy Guggenheim i Simone Veil are the muses of the collection.

Backpack made of chunky cotton linen. Finished with leather / yuft / elements –  characteristic for the brand. This contrastive matching accentuates the modern, urban, and sporty character of the backpack.

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Content: 100% cotton, yuft leather

Color: Notte / Black

Hand sewn circle – designer’s logo

Dry clean

Products were made with carefully picked yuft leather in the natural color and its black version. Dye used in tainting process is natural. Leather accessories require careful care, they are delicate and are susceptible to wear. Contact with water, excessive exposure to sun and cosmetics can damage them. It is not advisable to try to clean the leather by excessive rubbing and use of water. We recommend application of care solutions intended for leather. Leather accessories in their natural color can darken naturally over time and after the application of leather care solutions. Natural leather properly worn and conserved remains beautiful for a very long time.

It is not possible to return products that were used improperly.

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