Arizona Americano Jacket


Ania Kuczyńska parts from typical seasonal schedule and distances itself from mass production of fashion in favor of timeless and high-grade classics.

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Mia / Mine is inspired by the mood of Italian and French movies from the 80s. Designed in the Retro Wave spirit it is a story about freedom and about manifesting your identity through the clothing. Its muse is the French actress Isabelle Adjani.

Collection is dominated by one of the label’s most beloved colors: elegant and expressive black, and by an intensive patriarch purple.

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  • Obw. Klatka – 108 cm
    obw. Talia – 98  cm
    obw. Biodra – 98  cm
    dł. Całkowita – 41 cm
  • szer. ramienia – 18,5 cm
    dł. Rękawa – 51,5 cm
  • obw rękawa dół  – 28 cm
  • obw dekoltu – 44 cm 
  • Rozmiar Uniwersalny
  • Skład: 100% tkanina bawełniana
    • Kolor Americano / Granat
    • Ręcznie przyszyte kółko – logo projektantki
    • Produkt do prania w 30*
    • Modelka ma 172 cm wzrostu i na zdjęciu nosi rozmiar U


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