Arizona Indigo cotton denim jacket

Arizona is made of denim cotton. Featuring a narrow cut, a three-quarter length and a suit-like collar, it is finished with detailed trimming in the same material. Arizona features fading of the fabrics characteristic of denim.

The brand has decided to allocate a portion of funds from each sale in the stationary store and online to purchase and plant bulbous plants in the Warsaw area.



  • Made in Poland.
  • Size: U.
  • Composition: 100% cotton fabric.
  • Color: Navy Blue/Indigo.
  • Hand-sewn designer’s logo.
  • Wash in 30°C.

Size guide

Size U
Bust 108 cm
Waist 98 cm
Total length 41 cm
Sleeve width 18,5 cm
Sleeve length 51,5 cm
Sleeve opening 28 cm
Neckline 44 cm

About the collection

“Denim You Missed”

Ania Kuczyńska

Ania Kuczyńska Denim is a capsule collection of classics, designed for women who are longing for a timeless, pure-cotton pair of jeans that they remember from early 90’s. There is something reassuring in the tight, rigid feel of 100% cotton jeans – said Ania. It takes us back in the days but makes us ready to conquer today’s world

The first drop contains of two models of classic-fit jeans in two washes, a cropped jacket in two washes and shorts. Denim products by Ania Kuczyńska are timeless garments, immune to trends, with vintage feel and modern look. 

The muse of the collection is the Italian actress Ingrid Bergman.

“Denim za którym tęskniłaś“

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