“All art is at once surface and symbol” – Oscar Wilde

An exclusive collection of hand made porcelain plates by Ania Kuczynska for the world renowned Polish porcelain manufacturer Kristoff. Established in 1831, Kristoff is one of the oldest producers of fine porcelain in Poland. For this very special collection Kristoff’s long tradition has been combined with the distinctive design aesthetic of Ania Kuczyńska. Each one  of the plates reflects the designers passion for fine and unique objects.

A total of 365 plates were created for this limited edition collection, they are hand-made and individually numbered. Cosmic shine applied with the platinum mirror technique and original decorations create a collector’s item.

The symbolic patterns of the graphics were designed by Karol Śliwka, a design legend, one of the most valued grafic artists in the post-war history of Poland.

Patterns – heart, mistletoe, dove and circle are symbols of providence, happiness and love.

The Circle – a symbol of perfection and the universe. The rings imply transition from state to state, from matter to spirit.

The Dove – metaphor of love and peace. Representation of wisdom and truth in biblical symbolism. Embodiment of longevity and fidelity.

The Heart – a symbol of passion. Medieval thinkers and philosophers defined the heart as a habitat for thoughts, wisdom and feelings.

Mistletoe – the source of happiness and wealth. Believed to turn dreams into reality.


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